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What's a 'No Contact Order?'

TIPSY TUESDAY: Most people do not fully understand the implications of being a party to a protective order. The most common misunderstanding is that a no contact order is a sword only wielded by the ”protected party” allowing the protected party to act as they please while the defendant is retrained. In reality a no contact order is just as restrictive on a protected party as a defendant. Should either party make contact with the other, they are in violation of a court order and subject to contempt proceedings. Even if the protected party wishes to end the no contact order, they must do so though the judicial process so that the court actually dismisses the order. If you or someone you know has or receives notice of a no contact or ”Protective Order” do not contact the other party. The Bergmann Law Firm can guide you through this ordeal to hopefully reach a resolution. If you have such questions call us at 319-385-8527.

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