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At the Bergmann Law Firm, our staff understands that legal issues can come at the worst time in life, when money can be tight and legal action is required immediately.  The Bergmann Law Firm is excited to partner with the University of Iowa Community Credit Union (UICCU) to assist our clients with Platinum Financing plans to cover their legal expenses. This is a fast, flexible and affordable option for our clients!  Best of all, the UICCU is a local, Iowa-based financial institution, offering local communication, local processing and great local service for our patients.  UICCU Platinum Financing considers all loan applications, with no minimum credit score requirement and a secured online application for our clients to apply for financing.


This is an opportunity for Bergmann Law Firm clients who are struggling to gather enough funds to start the legal process, or would rather divide their legal payments into affordable monthly payments up to 72 months.    At Bergmann Law Firm, we are compassionate about our clients’ care and understand beginning the legal process can be financially stressful. It is our goal to take that additional stress away with a local lender to provide 36-72 month low-interest financing and no prepayment penalty.  This opportunity is exclusively offered to the Bergmann Law Firm Clients in your choice of 36, 48, 60 or 72 month convenient financing options by the UICCU:



  • Long-term (36- 72 Months) with rates as low as 9.99% APR* with fixed monthly payments for the term of the loan.  This flexible repayment option DOES NOT have a prepayment penalty, so you could pay extra above the minimum monthly payment to pay the loan off sooner. 

Current clients can contact our office to obtain the secure password to access our 'Client Portal' to apply for this financing option.



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