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Bergmann Law Firm Leads Client to Help

The Bergmann Law Firm recently assisted a client over a long case in which he faced numerous charges including several felonies. The client exhibited several signs of confusion which ultimately led to the Bergmann Law Firm requesting a mental health evaluation for the client. Upon being found incompetent to stand trial, the client was sent to the Iowa Medical & Classification Center to restore him to competency. Upon being found "competent," Beau Bergmann interviewed the client and questioned the "restored to competency" status based upon his observations and questions of the client. Mr. Bergmann then filed for a Competency Hearing to question IMCC's findings. Upon questioning the treating physician and the client himself, the Court ruled the client to be incompetent to stand trial once again and ordered him to return to IMCC for continued restorative measures. Ultimately, IMCC found that the client was not able to be restored to competency. Upon this finding, the charges were dismissed and the client voluntarily went to a group home where he will receive daily assistance. This resolution was proper considering the mental incapacity of the client. Undoubtedly, the client would have suffered great prejudice had he been allowed to proceed through the criminal justice system. Bergmann Law Firm prides itself on examining the details of each case to tailor the best possible approach to acheive a favorable outcome.

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