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Don’t be the Fool in a Divorce

TIPSY TUESDAY: So many people believe that they are different from so many other couples who went through messy divorces. They believe that their spouse will cooperate and that both parties simply want to get through this as quick and as cheaply as possible. In practice however, it’s quite amazing how many little things tend to irritate soon-to-be-estranged spouses through a divorce proceeding. The last thing in the world one should do is avoid lawyers because they may make things more difficult. The fact of the matter is, people involved in divorces are already in a difficult situation. A good lawyer can guide you through those troubled waters to the calm seas on the other side. Attempting to make a divorce “quick and cheap” can cause you to miss important things which may cost much more time, money, and stress later when trying to rebuild a life. One area of trouble involves property. A recent case involved a “quick and cheap” divorce which failed to properly divide the couple’s property. Three years later, the couple are still involved in bitter litigation costing both parties time, money, and stress. The frightening fact of this case is that that couple may not have their property issues resolved for another four years due to the laws regarding property transfer and modification. Had the couple utilized legal counsel, they would likely have been urged to completely divide the property avoiding these issues. Remember there is life after divorce so don’t be the fool that has to continue dealing with it. For assistance in avoiding such problems call the Bergmann Law Firm at 319-385-8527.

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